Film Portfolio

How it all started

My degree programme gave me my first taste of serious filmmaking.  In my second and third year I was able to study screen and script modules.  I studied various films, got to talk with industry professionals, and learnt how to write effective screenplays.

Most of all though, this exposure showed me that much of what I had learnt in my creative-writing programme thus far, could also be applied to the moving image.  This piqued my interest, and likely led to the path I’m on today.

Like most people, looking back on my early scripts and creative packs is slightly cringe-inducing.  However, there was a standout highlight.




Short Film

This piece was the most heavily-weighted assessed script on the module.  It was also my proudest.

Looking back at it today, I can see areas of potential improvement.  But I am still confident in the piece’s strength.  After all, it does prove that I’m at least half as funny as I think I am.

At the module’s conclusion, I was given the opportunity to pitch this script to a student production team.  The script would continue to attract interst and open new opportunities for me, with one project making its way into the initial stages of storyboarding and preproduction. 

I believe that at this point, I realised just how excited I was to turn my stories into films.

The King is Dead

The King Is Dead

Script Editor & Runner

Short Film

Although the production team I pitched to didn’t pick up my project, they liked what they heard enough to invite me to be a part of another project, “The King Is Dead.”

During pre-production, I served as a script editor, offering advise as the script was adjusted and ultimately turned into the final shooting script.

During production I served as both a runner and extra. 

For me, the real value of this experience was getting to watch the various filmmaking roles in action, and being able to see first-hand just how these types of projects are made.




Short Film/Potential series

My most recent script.  I like to think that this piece demonstrates my growth, with the script being tighter and more consistant than my earlier work.    

It also serves to round out three very different stories for this portfolio, just in case explosions and corporate espionage isn’t for everyone.  

And Now?

Since graduating and entering the cruel dark world, I’ve been able to reflect on my long term creative ambitions.

If my goal is to be a creative professional, and if I have this strong desire to work with moving image, then I may as well proceed as I mean to go on, right?

This is my motivation to apply for this Masters.  I believe that I have the passion and creative aptitude to visualise and tell engaging stories.  What I hope that an MA can provice me, is the skills to turn that vision into reality.  

I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen of me thus far, and thank you for your consideration.