Short Fiction

A collection of tales and narrative delights.  Both hearty and fulfilling.  But short enough for a single sitting.

Workplace policies must be adhered to, even in emergency conditions…

A group of deserters hide away in an abandoned estate. Their evening of quiet celebration is interrupted, and the cadets find themselves hunted by an old ally. 

“Then God spoke to me. His voice was like distant and distorted radio-chatter. But I understood…”

Ambushed and isolated. Fury alone won’t be enough against this mysterious creature. 

Caught between the increasingly concerning behaviour of his Overlord, and an appraoching human threat. Quibilah’s choice now, will determine the fate of his Dynasty.

All is not as it seems when Jack confronts an Onxy warrior.

The new Captain’s rescue plan proves to be just as devisive, as it is dangerous…

How much is it worth to you? 

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